Q: What can I do with the stars?

A: Collecting stars gives you rewards and allows you to unlock single-line bet and round spins. It also raises the amount of Time Rewards. 

Q: How can I speed up my star collection?

A: The amount you bet is correlated to the experiences you gain. The more you bet, the faster your experiences grow. When you win big, you can also gain a great amount of experiences.

Q: What can I do with the Gems?

A: Gems can be used to unlock the bet amount.

Q: How often can I get my Time Rewards?

A: Every four hours. 

Q: Is the amount of Time Rewards fixed, or can it be raised?

A: For each threshold reached for star collection, the amount of Time Rewards will be raised. 

Q: How big the multiplier of Time Rewards can grow? Is there a cap?

A: Everytime you get your Time Rewards, the multiplier will be raised, until it reaches its cap. 

Q: How come the multiplier of my Time Rewards is set back to default (X1)?

A: If you fail to get your Time Rewards for over 24 hours, the multiplier will be set back to default (X1).

Q: What is SCORE?

A: After using up Round Spins, SCORE will be calculated, and feedback and Friends Ranking will be given based on the SCORE?

Q: Can the Round Spins be increased?

A: Of course. You can increase the Round Spins by collecting more stars.

Q: How is the SCORE calculated?

A: Your SCORE is correlated to how much you bet and win. The bigger you bet or the more you win, the higher the SCORE becomes. 

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