Ironbear Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.《Privacy Policy》

Privacy Policy

Effective Date : July 08, 2022


The term "Ironbear", "we", "our", or "the Company" used herein refers to Ironbear Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.; The Ironbear Services refer to any game, application, content, or activity (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Services") that is developed by the Company; The "Privacy Policy" is referred to herein as this "Policy".

We are committed to providing a good user experience. To enable us to provide better services and contents, we may collect, store, use, and share your personal information in the process of providing services to you. This Policy guides how we process the personal information you provide us.

You understand and consent to us collecting, storing, using, and sharing your personal information in the process of providing services to you. If you do not consent to the use of your personal information, you will not be able to experience or use the Services.

If you have any question regarding this Policy, please contact us by using the "Settings -> Help -> Contact Us" feature of our Services.


1. What information is collected

(1) Social media (e.g. Facebook):

When you use Ironbear services through a social media, we may collect from social media and store the following personal information:

(i)               Your first, last name and social network profile picture.

(ii)             Your social network user identification number (e.g. Facebook ID number) and email address.

(iii)           Your social network friends who also use our Services.


(2) In addition to accessing the Services through social media as described above, we may also provide you with the option to register for access to the Services on your own. Depending on the type of service, you may be required to provide certain contact information and personally identifiable information as follows (including but not limited to):

(i)    Full first and last name, gender, and birthday

(ii)   Email, telephone number, address, and postal code

(iii)  Credit card and other payment details

Please note that we cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of other sites. You will be responsible for reading carefully the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of a site or platform when you access our services through social media or any other platform.

(3) In addition, we will also collect general user information (including but not limited to):

(i)    IP address

(ii)   Type of your mobile device or computer

(iii)  Operating system version

(iv)  Browser type, browser language, geographic information

(v)   Clicks on certain features, time of activity on our Services.

(vi)  Platform type

The above information will be used to generate user statistics, which will be used to improve and modify gameplay and may be provided to advertisers and/or affiliated vendors.


2. Cookies and data collection

We may use very small files, which are known as "cookies", to collect data. Cookies are stored on your computer to remember certain information, such as: Login account ID, password, your gaming preferences, and interests. Other files with identical attributes (or similar functions) include: clear gifs, beacons, and pixel tags, which help us modify and refine content presented to our users.

Third party service providers (e.g. Google Analytics) and advertisers that partner with us may also use cookies to understand clickstream data, and help improve our site, review advertising results, and define recipients of targeted ads.

You understand and consent to us using cookies to store user information for marketing and security purposes. If you reject cookies, you may not be able to use all or some of the Services.

3. How your personal information is used

All personal information provided to us by users will be strictly controlled and safeguarded against theft, damage, loss, and inappropriate distribution. Personal information collected and stored by us will be used for the following purposes:

(1) Social media (e.g. Facebook):

(i)    Name and profile picture

Display player information in the Service.

(ii)   User identification number (e.g. Facebook ID number)

Create an account and enable access to a game

(iii)  Email address

Send update and upgrade notification, provide customer services, customer inquiries and technical support.

(iv)    Friends who also use our Services

Interact with friends in the Service. ( e.g. friends leaderboard )

(2) Other personal information

(i)    Create an account and enable access to a game

(ii)   Interact and communicate with other players

(iii)  Improve gameplay and optimize business activities

(iv)  Manage and modify advertising content and recipients, and review results

(v)   Send update and upgrade notification, discounts and offers, or any other products that may interest users

(vi)  Provide customer services, customer inquiries and technical support

(vii) Maintain players' rights and data security regarding gameplay

(viii)       Sponsor or organize competitions, prize draws, or other promotional events with affiliated vendors

(ix)  Enhance or consolidate data obtained from any third party

In addition, we may provide your information to any third party service provider or affiliated vendor to enable it to provide services on our behalf. Examples include: data analysis, customer services, payment processing, and related business activities such as: ad recipient settings and ad relevance. We will enter into agreements with the above third parties to require that the said third parties ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and security of any personal data shared by us. The said data must not be used for any purpose other than enabling us to provide services.


To the extent permitted by law, we retain the right to disclose your personal information under any of the following circumstances:

(1)  Required by a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or any other legal proceedings

(2)  When we believe that the Services are being used for criminal purposes and must be reported to prevent fraud or potential criminal activities

(3)  When we have reason to conclude the necessity of disclosing user information in order to contact you

(4)  When damage or disruption to the rights of Ironbear and any other third party has occurred

(5)  Violation of the terms of service for Ironbear or any other product


4. How to delete your personal information

If you do not want your personal information shared, you may opt out of certain services in order to refuse any transmission of information to us. You can also apply to have your personal information deleted by the report system of our Service. Go to "Settings -> Help -> Delete account. Your personal information will be removed, but records of payment, communication with customer services, and the deletion request will be kept for future reference.


5. Third party advertisers

Our website or games may contain third party advertising services. Clicking on any of the ads may take you away from our services and to an advertiser's website, services, or app installation links. They may also collect certain information, such as:

(1)  Clicks, installation

(2)  Personal but non-personally identifiable information, such as: a player residing in Tokyo, aged between 20 and 30

(3)  IP address

(4)  Social media ID

(5)  Background data in services, such as: level, etc.

These data may be used to review advertising results or conduct network analyses (stream volume, player activities) in order to improve the technology and player experience.

We cannot be responsible for the privacy policies of these third party advertisers beyond what is actually described above. Please read carefully the terms of service and privacy policy.


6. Children's privacy

We believe children should be able to have all that is good in the world. Parents have the obligation and responsibility to guide and protect children as they set out to explore the world while still in a state of immaturity. They should be taught not to publicly disclose their real names, addresses, telephones, or any other personal information on the internet.

The Services are not suitable and do not allow access, registration, or use by children under 13. We do not intentionally collect personal information from children under 13. If we discover that we have collected personal information of any user under 13, we will delete the said information as soon as possible.

If you are between 13 and 17 or under the legal age in your country, please do not start using the Services until your legal guardian has read the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.


7. Transfer of information

If the ownership or operation of Ironbear is acquired by or sold to any third party, or licensed or commissioned to be operated by any third party, we may transfer your personal information to the third party. We will give users notice at the email addresses provided before personal information is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy.


8. Other

We will send you push messages regarding the Services, discounts and offers as needed. You may provide a third party's email, contact list, or friends on IM software (e.g. LINE, Whatsapp) to enable us to invite the third party to sign up for the Services.

If necessary, we will use the information to remind him/her that he/she has been invited to sign up for the Services or receive content from the Services.

You or any of the invitees may choose not to receive such content by turning off notification under the Settings option on your device.


9. Security and storage of personal information

Your personal information will be stored on servers in Taiwan, Japan or in the United States. We will decide which server to store your data in the appropriate geographic region based on the language setting on your device.

Your account information is stored on secure servers that are protected by firewall. When you enter information subject to a higher security level, such as credit card details, we will apply the industry-standard security protocol, secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, to protect your data. Our affiliated vendors will also take corresponding measures to ensure that your personal information is under sufficient protection for the duration in which we provide services to you.


10. Customer services

If you encounter any problems with the game, please visit the Q&A section. If the problems remain unsolved, please make an inquiry by using the "Settings->Help->Contact Us" feature of our Services, and we will respond to your question as soon as possible after receiving the inquiry.


11. Privacy policy changes

(1)  We reserve the right to add, delete, or amend any portion of this Policy at any time.

(2)  If a change is made, we will announce the revised Policy on the website or in the Services.

(3)  All changes shall be effective immediately unless otherwise noted.

(4)  By continuing to use the Services after an announcement of change, you agree to the revised terms and conditions.

(5)  If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions of the revised Policy, please do not continue to use the Services.

(6)  You may not add, delete, or change any portion of the Policy, unless you have entered into a separate written agreement with the Company.

(7)  You have the obligation to check Policy in order to determine if it has changed as well as the obligation to inspect all of the revised terms and conditions.



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