JACKPOT 8 LINE FAQ: About Free Credits

Q: Where can I get credits/Gems for free?

A: Ironbear only gives out free credits/Gems in game or on our official website.
Our official website is:
Do not click on links from unknown sources to protect the security of your account. 

Q: I didn’t receive anything after clicking the links for free credits/Gems on the official website.

A: The links to get free credits/Gems published on the official website are only valid for a period of time.
If you click on it during its valid period but still did not get any free credits/Gems in your account, please report to us with the following information: 
1 . Time when you clicked the link
2 . Player Number
3 . The link you clicked
We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Q: How often can I get my Time Rewards?

A: Every four hours.

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